Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play:

Its very simple. First create a free account.
At the end of all games included in the tournament.
YES. FP365 has many different tournaments, You are more than welcome to play free or not free contests.
Lobby should be your initial screen. By clicking on Lobby you will see all available sports from where you can choose, your tournament.
Live is where you see all your current tournaments running. Once you enter a tournament and starts, here is where you will view the live scores and team status within the tournaments you entered.
Here is where all your saved teams are parked before tournament starts. After a tournament begins the teams are moved to the Live screens. See: What is the Live button?.
At the time of creating teams, you are to stick to the rules of the tournament. Tournaments have diferent requirements, including creating teams under a specific salary cap. that mean that you are to select all required players to form a team but yet not going over your team salariy cap.
All tournaments have a Max amount of teams a player can create. Meaning, each tournaments will display how many team can be created for the same tournament. Each team is independent of each other.
Yes, because each entrance to tournaments are independent of each other. You can enter as many teams as the tourament permits it, and each team can win separate prizes. Or you can enter the same team.

Promo Code:

Promo code are like accounts used to enter tournaments, Meaning at the time of entering a tournament, you will be asked, to use a promo code to cover your entrance to the tournament.
Yes, you can have as many PC as you'll like. and you can recharge each one separatlly.
Yes you can. You can enter with any PC you'll like as long as you have enough balance on that specific PC.
No, Each PC is independent of each other.

Recharge and Widthdraw:

We have afiliates around the world. Each afiliate has it own Promo Code. Each afiliate has diferent instrucctions on how to recharge their promo code in order to enter the tournaments.
No. No added, or additional changes.
You can see it under, Accounts - Balances - Clcik on Promo Code.